Controlled Circulation

With over 30 years of extensive experience providing US-based services to the publication industry, CMG utilizes the best in technology and methodologies to maximize your audience development budget. Our unique QA process has consistently resulted in meaningfully improving cost per order, improving conversion, and ensuring quick turn arounds on urgent projects. CMG account managers examine all aspects of your script and data requirements to serve as an extra layer of protection, ensuring deliverables arrived as you envisioned.

Here at CMG we have been proud partners of the BPAWW, VAC, and AAM for years. We offer a detailed reporting suite and daily statistical updates to assist your identification of trends developing while conducting live subscriber phone contacts.

Our subscriber acquisition and subscriber renewal services, webinars, white papers, email, texting, IVRs, scheduling, and appointment solutions all continue to support our publishing partners and help them achieve their audience development goals.