Event Services

Let our team help develop your event’s specific target audience. Online, real-time virtual, and Live Event Audience Development.

Would you like a more significant turn out at your event?


Any Stage

  • Expertise for all of your events in every stage PRE, LIVE, and POST.
  • Pre Recorded Webinars
  • Live Webinars
  • Live Online Interactive Sessions
  • White Paper Release
  • Membership Drives & Registrations

Our Services

  • Providing Leads
  • Audience Targeting
  • Participant Development
  • Audience Pre-Qualification
  • Invitations – Telephonic and Electronic
  • Script Writing
  • Sign-up & Commitment Tracking
  • Fee Collection
  • Event Reminders – Telephonic and Electronic
  • Post Event Follow-Up
  • Event Customer Service & Custom IVRs
  • Event Cancellation and Rebooking

Your Success

  • Increased Qualified Audience
  • Improved Show Ratios
  • Better Participation
  • Higher Retention on your Next Event

So, you are considering an event and need participants?

CMG has helped content providers produce live and online events for more than 20 years. Often, dedicating the workforce and resources to audience development can be daunting for companies. CMG provides expert assistance that allows your team to focus on the content of your event while we work to ease the audience contact hurdles and workload.

Combine our workforce and expertise with your content and chosen platform.

Up to 54% Improved Success?

When comparing sending an email to possible participants or similar effort, some of our clients have noticed more than a 50% improvement in the number of attendees and completion of the registration process.

Not sure what to say to invite participants, we do, let us help. Not sure your list is genuinely interested in your content or the subject matter, let us figure it out for you. You don’t maintain the technology to manage a large list of guests with invites, reminders, and collecting registration fees, we do, we can help every step of the way.

Contact our team today to see how we can help. programs@calmarketing.com