(Provide a brief name for the survey project.)
Example: Hilti product is what this survey will focus on.
(List typical job roles of the survey respondents, e.g., project manager, jobsite manager.)
USA: Specify the target number of respondents.
(Confirm if all interviews can be conducted in English or specify other languages required.)
(Specify the expected duration of each interview, e.g., 20 minutes.)
Example: Must be users of the specified Hilti product. - Any additional criteria (if any).
Example: Client to provide a sample of Hilti customers (companies) using the specified product, with an oversampling expectation (e.g., 15-20 times the target sample size).
Confirm that the client will handle the programming and distribution of the survey, including sending over the links.
(Provide space for any additional information the client wishes to share or specific requirements they have for the survey.)